The topic of living with the Qur’an is an incredibly important one because it is essentially the whole reason why the Qur’an was revealed: to teach us HOW to live in a true sense. It was revealed to take us out from this self-imposed darkness that we seem to find ourselves in and lead us to light. It was revealed to teach us how to live with a heart that is awake and attentive; that is, awake and attentive to the Signs of Allah, and responsive to His Call. It was revealed to teach us all about this world; its reality, its illusions and delusions so that we can understand how to truly live in the world, and it was revealed to teach us all about the Hereafter so that we can understand that it is going to be our true and eternal home.

So in a nutshell, the whole reason that the Qur’an was revealed was so that it could change us. We are supposed to interact with the Qur’an on a regular basis, in a consistent manner, and not merely place it on our top bookshelf and only take it down on special occasions such as births and funerals etc. It wasn’t revealed so that we can decorate it with jewels and marvel at it; rather it was revealed so that we can LIVE with it.

When the first verses and chapters descended upon our Messenger (sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam), something extraordinary happened in Makkah. The Qur’an began to create a revolution, and this was a revolution that began primarily in the hearts of the people. With its descent, the Qur’an began changing the hearts of its listeners and it began creating an internal revolution within them. This is what it’s supposed to do. It’s meant to move our hearts and shake them, because after the shaking, peace and tranquillity will descend. When something moves or shakes, it is a sign of life, so if your heart is moved by the Qur’an, then rejoice because it is a sign that your heart is not dead.

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  • Farhia Yahya

    Farhia Yahya from London, UK is a teacher of Qur’anic and Arabic Sciences, and has taught English-speaking audiences in the UK for the past few years. In addition to completing a BSc Biomedical Science degree in London, she has also completed her Arabic, Islamic studies, and Hifdh of Qur’an in Cairo, Egypt. Born in Somalia and raised in the UK, she has lived in various cities around the world and travelling continues to be one of her passions (hey, it’s in the nomadic genes!). Farhia is a published author, upcoming novelist, and a translator of classical Arabic texts. She teaches tailored Islamic courses for sisters online and also runs a blog (as well as its social networks) with a focus on writing around the gems of the Qur’an and the beauty of literature.