“Indeed, there was a party of My servants who said, ‘Our Lord, we have believed, so forgive us and have mercy upon us, and You are the best of the merciful.’ But you took them in mockery to the point that they made you forget My remembrance, and you used to laugh at them.” [23: 109-110]

Imagine, a person can end up completely forgetting the remembrance of Allah and consequently losing track of themselves, all because they were too preoccupied with another human being!

We unfortunately waste so much time and barakah in our lives because we’re busy sizing each other up, or scrutinizing each other, or secretly keeping tabs on each other lol. We see someone in worship and begin to analyse everything about their worship (while forgetting ours).

We hear someone reciting Qur’an and analyse whether their tajwid is on point or defective (while forgetting ours). Some of us even wait ever so patiently for others to trip, stumble, and make a mistake. Subhan’Allah, how satanic.

There’s no harm in advising and wanting good for someone, but don’t become too preoccupied with others and never seek their faults because the Prophet (sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam) said, “…Do not search for their faults, for if anyone searches for their faults, Allah will search for his fault, and if Allah searches for the fault of anyone, He disgraces him even if he is in his own house.” [Abu Dawud and al-Tirmidhi]

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  • Farhia Yahya

    Farhia Yahya from London, UK is a teacher of Qur’anic and Arabic Sciences, and has taught English-speaking audiences in the UK for the past few years. In addition to completing a BSc Biomedical Science degree in London, she has also completed her Arabic, Islamic studies, and Hifdh of Qur’an in Cairo, Egypt. Born in Somalia and raised in the UK, she has lived in various cities around the world and travelling continues to be one of her passions (hey, it’s in the nomadic genes!). Farhia is a published author, upcoming novelist, and a translator of classical Arabic texts. She teaches tailored Islamic courses for sisters online and also runs a blog (as well as its social networks) with a focus on writing around the gems of the Qur’an and the beauty of literature.