Shaykh Abdallah often says that one of the reasons for the weakness of the general Muslims, students, and even scholars today is because of their weakness in the Arabic language. He lamented how beginning students are taught to fear Arabic grammar and how often times this attitude is found among teachers of Arabic because they themselves are weak in Arabic.

Once he remarked that this issue can be partly resolved by having those with the most credentials teach the beginners, precisely opposite the contemporary (western inspired) academic model where the higher a scholar climbs he or she teach exclusively more and more advanced students. The novice must be tied firmly to a true master because the foundation of one's education is the most important.

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  • Tom Facchine

    Tom Facchine is a Muslim convert from New Jersey, USA. After finishing his BA in Political Science (2011) he began teaching himself Arabic and attending lessons of scholars and student of knowledge in his locality. In 2015 travelled to Madinah and began study at the Islamic University there. After completing the Arabic program he entered the school of Islamic Law, where he is on pace to graduate in the spring of 2020 inshaa Allah.