There is a concept that one of my teachers iterates again and again in her lessons.

The past weeks, it has been on my mind more than ever.

It is:

كل فراغ فراغ لله

Every free time you have is time that Allāh has freed for Himself.

If your friends have moved away from you, if you are done with your studies, if you have not found a job, if you have been let go from a job, if are not married yet—do not despair and do not be sad because that extra time that you have found yourself with is time that Allāh has blessed you with so that you can get closer to Him ﷻ.

It is an opportunity.

If you are at home with all your imminent plans on hold, then this is an opportunity to thoroughly immerse yourself in the Qurʾān—in its recitation and pondering. Do not let it pass, and certainly do not while it away lying in front of the television.

Pray that this passes peacefully, and pray that when it passes that we have earned at least one mountain-sized share of rewards that we will see on the Day of Judgement.

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Guest Writer

  • Ustadhah Abeer Sadary, is a student of the Qurʾān. She has studied the Qurʾān in the traditional way, memorising it and studying it with scholars, and also at university level, where she did an undergraduate degree in ʿulūm al-Qurʾān with a major in tafsīr. Born and brought up in Bahrain, Abeer is a native speaker of the Arabic language. Through her Saudi-based university she has taken knowledge from some of the most notable scholars and academics in the region. She also holds a degree in Industrial Economics.In the past she has taught tafsīr and tadabbur of the Qurʾān in Bahrain. At present, she continues to study with her teachers and also teach online courses on the Qurʾānic Reflections website and onsite classes in London.