“My Lord, forgive me and my parents and whoever enters my home as a believer…” [71: 28]

The Qur’an details many of the du’as made by the Prophets and this particular du’a by Nuh (AS) is one that leaves a warm feeling in my heart. Nuh goes out of his way to seek forgiveness (a major theme in this surah) not just for his parents but also every single person who walked into his house as a believer. Such a beautiful du’a. He is essentially making his home a sanctuary where people are prayed for and they receive the gift of his prophetic supplication.

Our homes are places of safety, mercy, and well-wishes. It’s a place where we welcome others and offer our peace to them. We host them and we feed them. But Nuh went a step further and made his home a place where the forgiveness of Allah touched everyone who walked in.

Paradise is called the ‘Home of Peace’ (Dar al-Salam) and so Nuh is teaching us to create homes of peace, a little oasis of Paradise right here on earth by seeking the forgiveness of Allah for ourselves, our families, and everyone who steps into our home.

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Guest Writer

  • Ustadhah Abeer Sadary, is a student of the Qurʾān. She has studied the Qurʾān in the traditional way, memorising it and studying it with scholars, and also at university level, where she did an undergraduate degree in ʿulūm al-Qurʾān with a major in tafsīr. Born and brought up in Bahrain, Abeer is a native speaker of the Arabic language. Through her Saudi-based university she has taken knowledge from some of the most notable scholars and academics in the region. She also holds a degree in Industrial Economics.In the past she has taught tafsīr and tadabbur of the Qurʾān in Bahrain. At present, she continues to study with her teachers and also teach online courses on the Qurʾānic Reflections website and onsite classes in London.