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What’s the Problem?

We all intend to spend more time reading and engaging with the book of Allah.

Our fast paced lifestyles & many distractions often prevents us from achieving this noble intention.

There just never seems to be enough time!

We struggle to set up a plan and don’t have the much needed guidance to overcome the obstacles preventing a closer relationship with the Quran.

Help us take it to the next level.

We’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign via launchgood to support the future vision for Quran Journey and take it to the next level.

How it works.

Quran Journey uses a combination of habit science, emotional & behavioural design, Quranic content inspiration and a simple easy to use set of functionality to …

Habit Science

By focusing on building micro habits through regular repetitive and consistent actions the emotional resistance and procrastination can be overcome.

Human Friendly

We’ve included some friendly, personal touches often missing from products which aim to guide or advise. A friendly voice, a caring word, or just a smile to make us feel more connected.

Emotional Design

Human beings are driven largely by emotions, positive or negative. We’ve leveraged emotional design to encourage action as well as reflection.

Rewarding progress

We respond positively to rewards especially if the task at hand is somewhat challenging. With this in mind we’ve gamified the process somewhat in order to encourage and motivate.

Meet Nur

Your personal Quran Journey Assistant guiding you step by step and keeping you inspired.

Nur will remind you, give you some inspiration & tips along your journey the way and generally be your travel companion on this Journey.

Quran Journey Habit forming Features

Daily Quranic Inspiration.

A Daily dose of Quranic inspiration to give users a spiritual boost, provide them with educational snippets and keep them connected to the meanings and gems of the Quran.

Quranic Reflections – Juz 14

Quranic Reflections – Juz 14

After mentioning blessings, Allah calls us to show thanks to Him. Then He says that He has only made haram (unlawful) a few things – and this is so true subhan’Allah. If you really think about it, not many things are haram in this life, but Shaytan and society makes us believe that our religion is so restrictive and that everything is haram!
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Quranic Reflections – Juz 13

Quranic Reflections – Juz 13

There will always be someone who knows more than you, who understands things faster and is better at academics. There will always be someone who is wealthier than you, who gets what they want, earns more, and probably spends more. There will always be someone more beautiful or handsome, who attracts compliments and looks better than you in a dress or suit. There will always be someone better than you. But there can never be someone exactly like you, and that’s the part we don’t notice – because we are too busy trying to be like others.
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Quranic Reflections – Juz 12

Quranic Reflections – Juz 12

Patience is a hard lesson to learn. Most people pick it up during their times of difficulty and sorrow, because they’re forced to wait through their hardship and take each day as it comes. But we don’t realise that patience is also required during days of jubilance and joy.
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Are you ready for a better relationship with the Quran?

Make a Niyyah, Say Bismillah and get started now!

Are you ready for a better relationship with the Quran?

Make a Niyyah, Say Bismillah and get started now!

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